Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why become a Police Officer?

Why become a Police Officer?

Some people know from an early age exactly what they want to be but for most of us this isn't the case. There'll be a number of people out there that have known that they want to join the Police force from a very young age but for most applicants this isn't true. If you find yourself thinking 'do I really want to be a Police Officer? Surely I should have known by now' then stop. The average joining age of a Police Officer is age 27, this indicates that most Police Officers will have had a variety of careers before they join the Police and therefore haven't always known that they wanted to join.

A few things to consider before becoming a Police Officer

There are a number of things that you need to ask yourself and a number of things that you need to consider before you do make the decision to pursue a career in the Police force however, regardless of your age.

There's no other way of putting it, being a Police Officer is a difficult and demanding job both mentally and with regards to your social life, are you ready for this? Are you the sort of person who is mentally resilient and who would voluntarily give up personal free time for their job? If you answer no to any of these questions then you may want to turn back here.

You need to be ready to carry out a wide variety of roles as a Police Officer, you need to be able to form close relationships easily with members of the community, you should be able to build trust and always maintain your integrity and act ethically even whilst under extreme pressure.

Key qualities of a Police Officer - 

Not only is being a Police Officer a demanding role but you need to have the right personality traits and core values in order to be a valuable and effective member of the Police. The Police application form has 6 core competencies that the Police require you to be particularly strong in. These are: Respect for race and diversity, Resilience, Team-working, Customer Focus, Problem Solving and Effective Communication. If you lack the ability or necessary strength in these areas then the Police may not be a career for you.

Job satisfaction

While the above may dissuade some people form joining the Police it serves as a sieve that separates the weak candidates from the strong and ensures that the Police only get the very best candidates joining their force. If you believe that you have the necessary qualities required by the Police, then a career in the Police Force can be one of the most rewarding things that you can do.

There aren't many other jobs that offer you the ability to directly effect people's lives for the better. To fight crime and injustice, to make sure that the 'bad-guys' get put away. To come home and the end of the day and know that you've made your local town/area a safer place.

If you're already on your way to becoming a Police Officer and have managed to get yourself a Police application form, you can get help filling it in at

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