Monday, March 24, 2014

The Police background check.

The Police background check

The Police background check is one of the first hurdles on the road to becoming a Police Officer. It is an essential stage in the process from your Police Force’s point of view. It is carried out to ensure that the Police only employ people with the utmost integrity and good character to become Police Officers after all, the job gives people the right to essentially take away the freedom of others and often places individuals in positions of great trust and responsibility.

The best advice for filling in the background check is to answer truthfully and fully anything else can get your application thrown out at this early stage.

There are certain things that can get you application declined, these include prior criminal convictions or driving offences, tatoos in highly visible places especially if they're inappropriate in nature as well as any debts or defaults on loans etc. The last point regarding money issues is important to your force as employing officers who are highly in debt or have money troubles can be a risk to an officer's integrity.

The form may seem particularly intrusive, much of the information that you are required to submit can seem personal and you may no wish to share it with others ordinarily. However you need to understand that it is a necessary step.

You are also asked to declare the information of family members and friends. This section is used to check that those around you are of a trustworthy nature. Again simply list the details and accept the necessity of this section.

There isn't really any advice to filling in your background check the right or wrong way as you must simply be truthful. If you fail the check or and not eligible to progress onwards to the next section of recruitment then unfortunately there is little that can be done.

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