Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to get a Police application form

The increasing popularity of the Police as a career option has meant that there is a shortfall of application forms. Some Police forces have seen over 3,000 applicants for just 20 jobs. This doesn't mean that only 3,000 people wanted to join that force, it means that the Police Force only released 3,000 application forms. To get one of these prized forms you must be both dedicated and vigilant.

You should check your desired Police Force's website twice a day, once mid-morning and once late afternoon. This will pretty much guarantee that should your force release forms, you will almost definitely be there to get one. Pay attention to your chosen Forces's press released too, these can often give you an idea of when they will be recruiting, if not the exact day. Forces often state 'we will be releasing more information in the new year' or something to this effect, pay particular attention around this time.

Some Forces have opted for the more difficult method of having to telephone in to reserve an application form. Thankfully this approach to Police recruitment is becoming less common but nonetheless some Forces still use it. For this type of recruitment, persistence is everything. Candidates can face hours on the phone dialling and redialling in an attempt to get through, all we can say here is keep trying.

Finally, follow your Police Force on Titter. Police Forces are increasingly using this method to reach out to their target audiences, be this members of the community or potential applicants. You can often pick up useful tips on applying this way too as well as being able to communicate directly with the HR team who are sometimes responsible for these tweets.

To summarise, be persistent and be vigilant and your opportunity will come.

If you do manage to get your hands on an application form, check out for help with it.

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